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Polyimide Film Stiffener ( Brown/Black)
Halogen free Polyimide film stiffener is made of high heat resistant and high adhesive adhesive coating on PI film substrate,
and the thickness is from 1mil to 10mil. The excellent properties of heat bonded to ensure its good adhesion on copper foil
and PI material, widely used in various FPC reinforcement., Polyimide stiffener have been supplied to world-renowned flexible
PCB manufacturers with excellent reputations. are tested according to IPC standards.

PI Film Thickness: 2mil~9mil (0.05mm~0.225mm)
Adhesive Thickness: 1mils (0.025mm)
Width: 250mm/roll , 500mm/roll
Length: 50m/roll , 100m/roll
Adhesive Type: Halogen free or Flame Retardant & RoHS
Release Liner: Release paper or PP film
Above products have two series: Halogen free or Flame Retardant & RoHS series.

Application ideals
1. Traditional flex circuits
2. High density flex circuits
3. Chip on film (COF) substrate
4. Chip scale packaging (CSP)
5. Ball grid array (BGA)
6. Tape automatic bonding (TAB)

Polyimide Coverlay
Film (White)
Polyimide coverlay film is a high-performance thermosetting converlay. After the Thermosetting Converlay is attached to
the material which needs to be protected, a pressure of 5-10 MPa is applied by using a quick press at 170-185C for about 30 seconds ,
then complete the operation. Structure Features The product is easy to use, only need a quick pressure, without curing later;
Has good adhesion to metal, PET, PVC and other plastics; Has excellent electrical insulation.

Halogen free white Polyimide Coverlay is made of polyimide film coated high performance thermosetting epoxy resin adhesive,
release paper as isolation layer, coating on the surface of the polyimide film with high performance white ink,
curing at high temperature to form the heat insulation film. With excellent flexibility, yellowing resistance,
high temperature resistance, high reflection rate and other properties. This series of products are suitable for
high grade LED products,such as car taillights, steering lights, backlight and so on.

Whole Film Width: 250mm
PI thickness : 0.5mil/1mil (12.5um/25um)
Adhesive thickness:10--25um
Ink thickness : 8--15um
Release papers: 130um

1.The product is easy to use, only need a quick pressure, without curing later;
2.Has good adhesion to metal, PET, PVC and other plastics;
3.Has excellent electrical insulation properties;
4.Environmental friendly, does not contain any heavy metal elements and halogen.


Polyimide Coverlay
Film ( Yellow/Black )
Halogen free polyimide coverlay film is a kind of high temperature thermosetting epoxy resin coated with polyimide film.
the insulating coating is made of release paper as insulation layer and cured by high temperature. The series
of materials are widely used in FPC manufacturing for line protection and insulation.

Whole Film Width: 250mm
PI thickness : 0.5mil/1mil (12.5um/25um)
Adhesive thickness:15--25um
Release papers: 130um

1.Cover and protect the FPC line and enhance the rupture resistance of FPC
2.Protect circuit not affected by temperature, humidity, pollution or corrosive substances
3.Cover the circuit for the subsequent surface treatment of FPC
4.To resist welding in the subsequent SMT of FPC


Polyimide Bonding Sheet (Pure Adhesive Film, White)
Pure adhesive film is made of high adhesive polymer adhesive with a thickness of 12-40um.
The adhesive film is three layers of composite structure materials, which are protected by a protective
film and a release paper. The product is served as a complementary product for flexible copperclad laminate ,
its functions include surface and heat insulation.
Pure adhesive film is mainly used in the FPC hot pressing, strengthening, PI, multilayer board bonding,
FR4 substrate, soft and hard bonding plate and aluminum based metal plate bonding.

Whole Film Width: 250mm/500mm
Length: 200m
Acrylic Ester Resin Adhesive Thickness : 12--40um

1.Suitable to traditional way and rapid pressing at the same time.
2.Good heat resistance and high peel strength for a long time.
3.Good flexure resistance, suitable for PFC-multilayer.
4.Good storage-ability for half a year at room temperature.
5.Good metal bonding and insulation.


Polyimide Film Based Fccl  (Single-side FCCL)
Epoxy resin PI film based FCCL is composed of three kinds of materials, copper foil, adhesive and PI film,
which are compounded by high precision coating technology. With high temperature resistance,
high insulation, high flexibility and other characteristics.
Widely used in FPC manufacturing. Type: Single-side FCCL(3 layer)

Copper Clad Polyimide Film uses amber or black polyimide film as base film and plated with copper foil tape.
Its usually used together with thermosetting coverlay film on Flexible Printed Circuits boards industry,
featuring excellent high temperature resistance and insulation performance. The soldering resistance temperature
is 288℃ without bubbles and delamination.

1. Good shear resistance
2. Soldering resistance temperature is 288℃
3. Excellent chemical stability ,
4. Radiation resistance,
5. Chemical solvent resistance and anti-corrosion
6. Easy to die-cut in any custom shape design
7. High class electrical insulation
8. Thermosetting adhesive
9. Smooth finish, no bubbles and delamination


Polyimide Film Based Fccl
(Double-side FCCL)
Epoxy resin PI film based FCCL is composed of three kinds of materials, copper foil, adhesive and PI film,
which are compounded by high precision coating technology. With high temperature resistance,
high insulation, high flexibility and other characteristics.
Widely used in FPC manufacturing. Type: Double-side FCCL(5 layer) .
Application:Products are mainly used in notebook computers, monitors, mobile phone antennas, mobile phones,
printers, electronic appliances, industrial instruments, communication equipment and other circuit.

Whole Width: 250mm
Polyimide thickness: 12.5um、25um
Adhesive thickness: 13-25um
Copper thickness:12.5um、18um、35um

Excellent high humidity and temperature resistance
Excellent dimensional stability,High flexibility and
Excellent Migration ability
Excellent electrical,chemical and thermal property
Halogen free and Flame retardancy UL 94VTM-0
Meet with IPC standards




Polyimide Flexible PCB:
Single-Sided Flexible Circuit (Single-sided FPC)
When the electrical function requirements are not high and single-sided wiring can be used, a single-sided flexible circuit should be used. The most common form is already used commercially, such as printer inkjet cartridges and computer memory. The single-sided flexible board has a layer of chemically etched conductive pattern, and the conductive pattern layer on the outer surface of the flexible insulating substrate is a rolled copper foil. Insulation substrates for flexible installation can be polyimide (Kapton), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), aramid fiber paper (Nomex) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Double-Sided Flexible Circuit (Double-Sided FPC)

Double-sided flexible circuit is a conductive pattern formed by etching on both sides of the base film. The metallized holes connect the patterns on both sides of the insulating material to form a conductive path, which satisfies the flexibility of design and application functions. Cover films maintain single- and double-sided conductors and indicate the location of components.


Multi-Layer Flexible Circuit ( Multi-Layer FPC)
Multi-layer flexible circuit is to laminate three or more single-sided flexible circuit boards or double-sided flexible circuit boards together, form metallized holes through drilling and electroplating, and form conductive paths between different layers. In this way, complex welding processes are not required. While the number of conductive layers designed for this type of flexibility can be infinite, to ensure ease of assembly, the interplay between assembly size, number of layers, and flexibility should be considered in the layout design.



Polyimide Rigid-Flex Circuit (Rigid-Flex FPC)
Traditional rigid-flex circuit are composed of rigid and flexible substrates selectively laminated together. The structure is compact, and the conductive connection is formed by metallized holes. Factories should try to keep the number of layers as low as possible, considering reliability and price factors.HDI rigid-flex board: High-density interconnect (HDI) rigid-flex printed circuit board is a high-end printed circuit board product. Its goal is to meet the needs of electronic products in the direction of miniaturization, high frequency, high speed and multi-function. HDI rigid-flex composite board combines the advantages of the popular HDI board and rigid-flex composite board, which promotes the development of high integration and high intelligence in the design and production of electronic systems, and has been widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, consumer and other high-end electronics in the product.

Polyimide Flexible Heaters
Polyimide heater (Kapton heater) is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wattages, it is a clear amber colored polyimide film. The process for making flexible heating film is similar to that of Etched Foil Silicone heaters.It is a high-temperature flexible heating element with excellent dielectric properties capable of operating environments between -60 degree celsius to 250 degree Celsius.


Vehicle FPC,Medical FPC,Electronics FPC,Battery FPC,Industrial Control FPC
Flexible circuit boards (FPC). Multi-style flexible circuit boards such as connecting lines, flexible circuit boards, touch screen FPC, etc. The product range is complete and can be customized according to customer needs. The product has high assembly density, small size, convenient installation and high reliability.
Products are widely used in mobile communication, smart home, optoelectronics, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive and consumer electronics and other fields.




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