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Thermoplastic Polyimide

Thermoplastic Polyimide Resin Powder (TPI Powder)
Thermoplastic Polyimide Resin Powder is amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastic.
used for compounding, compression molding(hot pressing or cold pressing), Extrusion, injection molding, molding, blow molding, etc.which is A Super High-Grade Engineering Plastic.

Product name: Polyimide Resin Powder
Appearance light yellow powder
Bending strength (20 C) ≥ 170MPa
The density of 1.3 ~ 1.43g / cm3
Impact strength (no gap) ≥ 28kJ / m2
Tensile strength ≥100 MPa
Vicat softening point> 270 C
Water absorption (25 C, 24h)
Elongation> 120%

TPI powders as compounding, compression molding, and other powder-based processing techniques.
1. TPI has excellent heat resistance, its long-term use temperature about 230-240℃, and its glass transition temperature is 250℃;
2. Super dimensional stability. The thermal expansion coefficient of polyimide is only 50PPM/℃, so it has good creep resistance.
3. Excellent mechanical properties. Tensile strength of polyimide is 100MPA and impact strength is 260kj/㎡.
4. TPI has good flame retardancy. The oxygen index reaches 36-46, and the smoke rate is low and self-extinguishing property is strong.
5. Excellent electrical insulation performance and dimensional stability;
6. PI has excellent oil resistance and solvent resistance;
7. PI material has good radiation resistance and is widely used in aerospace.


Polyimide Powder Processing method:
1.Hot pressing powder (hot pressing all aromatic polyimide resin powder Type: PI-HS330 ; PI-HS350A; PI-HS380)
It is mainly used to prepare polyimide parts with higher performance requirements and large size, and is molded at high temperature (about 400℃).
  Hot pressing powder ( (hot pressing polyimide resin powder Type : PI-HS350-21; PI-HS350-22; PI-HS5050)
It is mainly used for the preparation of polyimide parts with higher performance requirements and lower thermal expansion coefficient, such as radial bearings, blades, etc., and high-temperature compression molding (molding at about 400℃).
2.Cold pressing powder (cold pressing type all-aromatic polyimide resin powder)
Type: PI-HS-L3, PI-HS-L5, PI-HS-L8
It is mainly used for preparing cold-pressed polyimide pipes, short bars, sheets and various profiles, especially for the production of a large number of small-sized polyimide parts and blanks.
Suitable for manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic feeding cold press.

Thermoplastic Polyimide Granules
Thermoplastic Polyimide Granules shows amorphous or semi-crystalline,The tensile strength Product Name: Thermoplastic Polyimide Particle (Composite Resin for Injection Molding Grad) is injection extrusion grade resin. On the basis of high temperature resistance, high strength, stable dimensions and stable electrical properties of molded grade polyimide material, it can be molded by various processing methods, and is suitable for products with complex structure, high precision and batch requirements. use for Seal rings,Pistons,Washers,Bearings,Electric wire coating etc.

1. It has the highest glass transition temperature (255℃) in extruded plastics.
2. It can be molded by injection molding, extrusion and spraying.
3. The size is stable, the thermal expansion coefficient is low, and the thermal expansion coefficient (anisotropy) after the filler modification is equal to that of aluminum.
4. High strength, impact resistance and long service life of products.
5. The low injection molding shrinkage can guarantee the precision requirement of injection products.
6. Exhaust gas and metal impurity content belong to extremely low range.




 Thermosetting Polyimide Powder
Thermosetting Polyimide Resin Powder are known for thermal stability, good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and characteristic orange/yellow etc color.
Thermoset polymer matrix polyimides exhibit very low creep and high tensile strength. These properties are maintained during continuous use to temperatures of up to 360 C.
Composite Polyimide Resin Powder (PTFE composite wholly aromatic polyimide resin powder)
Type: PI-HS31; PI-HS32 . It is used for compounding with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Generally, the addition amount is 5%-15%, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of PTFE and slightly improve the heat resistance of PTFE.
Characteristics: High temperature resistance, self lubrication, friction resistance, easy processing.
Application: Bearing, shaft, bearing, seal gasket, etc.

The thermosetting polyimide (PI) advantages:
1. The continuous use temperature is above 300C, the short-term temperature resistance can reach 480 C ~ 500 C, and it can also be used at ultra-low temperature below-270 C.
2. It will not soften at high temperature, can bear high load, and has excellent tensile strength and creep resistance at high temperature.
3. PV value without lubrication is more than 10 times that of general engineering plastics, which can resist strong impact wear.
4. Under the harsh conditions of high intensity radiation, it still has outstanding electrical insulation performance.
5. Very low gas release under high temperature and vacuum environment.
6. Excellent plasma ray resistance.
7. Outstanding chemical resistance, which can resist lubricating ester, oil and solvent.
8. Excellent machinability, which can satisfy the processing of complex product structure.

Functional Polyimide Resin Powder Type :
1.PI-C (carbon fiber reinforced, Green );
2. PI-D (conductive type , Black );
3. PI-F (anti-static type , Deep Green);
4. PI-G (glass fiber reinforced, Yellow );
5. PI-M (modified by molybdenum disulfide , Green)


                                       Polyimide Varnish (Polyimide Liquid)                      


Transparent Polyimide Varnish
Features and Dvantages:
GTM series polyimide slurry has excellent storage stability. After curing, it has the characteristics of high light transmittance (≥88%, 550nm), high heat resistance (Tg≥350℃), excellent mechanical properties (tensile strength ≥200MPa, elongation at break ≥15%, modulus ≥6GPa) and good dimensional stability (CTE≤15ppm/K).

In the field of flexible display, it can be used for the manufacture of transparent substrates of bottom light emitting displays such as PMOLED, and also for the manufacture of flexible touch substrates; In the field of electronic circuits, it can be used in the manufacture of ultra-thin transparent FCCL; In addition, it also has applications in photovoltaic cells, medical devices and other fields.


High Heat-Resistant Polyimide Varnish ( Brown Transparent)
Features and Ddvantages:
GNR series is a kind of polyimide slurry with high heat resistance and low thermal expansion, which has excellent heat resistance (1% weight loss temperature ≥560℃), excellent dimensional stability (CTE≤7ppm/K) and ultra-high strength and modulus (tensile strength ≥400MPa, modulus ≥8GPa).GNR series has good storage stability at room temperature.

The flexible substrate material mainly used in AMOLED display panels is the preferred substrate material for display panels from "rigid" to "soft" at present, and it is widely used in flexible display panels, foldable mobile phones and wearable devices.


Polyimide for Chip Encapsulation ( Yellow Transparent)
Features and Ddvantages:
FZPI series is a polyamic acid resin solution which can be cured at low temperature. After curing, it has excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties, insulation/dielectric properties, and good adhesion to AlN/SiN/ copper/nickel substrates.FZPI series has excellent storage stability.

It is mainly used in 300mm round crystal and new SiC packaging system, occupying most of the market in the field of chip packaging, and is one of the best packaging and coating materials in the field of semiconductor and microelectronic information at present.




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