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Fire Sleeving (Fire Hose)

Firesleeve - Silicone Coated Fibreglass Sleeve
Knitted high bulk glass fibre sleeve can withstand repeated exposures to molten steel molten aluminum and molten glass up to 3000F (1650C).
The heavy coating of our proprietary iron oxide red silicone rubber compound sheds molten metal splash immediately so very little heat transfer occurs.
When exposed to flame the silicone rubber transforms into a crust creating a protective SiO2 refractory layer.
This product also possesses following features:
1)Impede heat radiation of flame
2) Protect operator from burning by hot pipe
3) Impede heat lost and favor to saving energy
4) Moisture-proof, water-proof, resistance to oil and pollution
5) Color: red and blue mainly.


Silver Silicon Sleeve

Which is an insulating sleeving produced with a thermal process.The fiberglass is impregnated with silicone resin;it is available in four standard voltage: 7000 Volt.The thermal treatment and the spcial resin used for this item give this material a very good softness and elasticity, excellent high temperature resistance and good dielectric strength.
Inside Diameter: 1.0---30mm
Thermal Class: Grade H(200℃-30℃) random peaks of 225℃.
Breakdown voltage: According to UL 1441 VW-1.


Thermo sleeve
Heavy wall braided glass fiber sleeve: economical hose and cable protection where exposure to molten splash, oils or moisture is Cost-efficient high temperature performance
Thermosleeeve B is a heavy wall braided glass fiber sleeve capable of operating at a continuous temperature of 1000F (538C). High bulk fiber construction gives excellent insulation properties, and the texturized, untreated construction allows Thermo sleeve to exhibit excellent dielectric strength and resistance to thermal conductivity.
Use alone or in combination
Thermo sleeve can be used by itself, or under other sleeve products (such as Firesleeve ) to significantly boost insulation values at modest cost.
Inner diameter: From 1/4" to 5", 6.3MM to 127MM
Thermo sleeve is available in 1grades: 1/8" (3.2 mm) wall thickness
Max short term exposure: 705
Flame resistance: Very good


Heat treated glass sleeving

Heat Treated and Saturated Fiberglass Sleeving
Hardly inflameable and heat resistant,Good abrasive quality
Excellent flexibility ,Good resistant against oil and chemicals
Thermal Class: 240 ℃       NEMA: TF-2
Recomended Use:
HTG-850 is used in high temperature, low voltage applications such as shunts in carbon brushes, toasters, coffeemakers and other small heating appliances. Its flexibility and expandability makes HTG-850 highly useful over irregular shapes such as coil insulation on rotating equipment. HTG-850 is also used for thermal and cut-through protection in automotive wire harness assemblies as well as track, stage and other types of lighting devices.
Physical Properties:
HTG-850 exhibits high tensile strength, is non-flammable, heat resistant, and non-corrosive to metals. HTG-850 has excellent resistance to moisture, fungus and chemical attack.
Colors:HTG-850 is available in dark brown, black, tan, red and yellow

Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving

1) Resistant temperature: 155C
2) High breakdown voltage: 7,000V; middle breakdown voltage: 4,000V;
low breakdown voltage: 2,500V
1) Acrylic fiberglass sleeving is woven with non-alkali fiberglass yarn, and then
coated with acrylic acid
2) It can be used for the insulating protection of motor, electrical and electronic equipment


Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving

  • With good quality of high temperature resistance and cold resistance
  • Treated by thermal process and vulcanization
  • Material: non-alkali fiberglass braided silicone rubber
  • Can be used as wiring insulator for "H" grade electrical machinery, special bulbs, electrical rich cookers as well as other household appliance and their protection device
  • Characteristics:
    • Standard color: white, red, blue, black and yellow
    • Standard packing: 100 meters/roll
    • Standard voltage: 4 and 7KV

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